2 Channel Tunnel

Almost 250 years in the making (the first plans to establish a fixed connection between Great Britain and the continent were made as early as 1751), the ultra-fast Eurotunnel transport service, which uses the canal tunnel, began operations in 1994. Today, this remarkable feat of engineering moves more than 10 million passengers a year between London and cities such as Paris and Brussels. The tunnel crosses under the English Channel between Calais and Folkestone and includes 31 miles of double trail in the main tunnels, as well as extensive terminal terminals at surface level. In addition to passenger services, Le Shuttle trains transport cars, buses and trucks.

A famous landmark is the Folkestone White Horse.Continuing a centuries-old tradition that saw similar giant works of art created in other chalk hills across England, this magnificent horse was created in 2003 and seems to have literally jumped off the hill overlooking the canal tunnel terminal …

Address: Ashford Road, Folkestone Official website: www.eurotunnel.com/

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