5 Romney, Geeta and the Dymchurch Railway

Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway Glen / photo modified Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway (RH & DR) – “the world’s largest smallest railroad” – operates on roads just 15 inches apart and sits against the backdrop of Kent’s most scenic countryside. This remarkable, fully functioning steam railway, made up of the world’s largest collection of steam locomotives, stretches the 13.5-mile Romney Marsh from Hight all the way to Dungeness, a national nature reserve made up of one of the world’s largest expanses of pebbles (it is also home to Of the old lighthouse, opened in 1904). Built in the 1920s and famous by Laurel and Hardy, RH & DR’s action during World War II, both as an armored train and as part of the D-Day pipeline network. The return journey takes just over an hour these days, although you’ll want to break up your journey by stopping at one or more of the six train stations to visit nearby beaches, entertainment arcades, shops, nature walks, and bike paths. (Hot Tip: Check out the RH & DR website for year-round openings, as well as news on interesting themed events, charters, and programs like steam engine training.)

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