Visit historic Canterbury and you will soon find out why this beautiful city continues to be so attractive to visitors in the UK. An easy hour train ride from central London (or just minutes from EuroTunnel), Canterbury has been a draw for pilgrims for over 1,500 years since St. Augustine first began converting pagan Anglo-SaxonsRead More

Liverpool and Manchester

With its international airport, Manchester is often the first stop for visitors in Northern England, Scotland or Wales. Highlights include Castlefield, popular for its well-preserved Victorian houses, canals, and Roman ruins, as well as many old warehouses that are now trendy shops, hotels and restaurants. Other attractions include Manchester Cathedral and the historic town hall,Read More

The Cotswolds and the Lake District: Idyllic England

Covering nearly 1,287 square kilometers of unspoiled countryside, the beautiful Cottage is undoubtedly one of the most photographed corners of the UK. Located on a convenient day trip west of London, close to popular tourist attractions in Bath and Bristol, the Cotswolds includes some of the best parts of Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Warwickshire andRead More

Windsor UK

Conveniently located a short train ride west of London, the historic city of Windsor offers many attractions for tourists. In addition to its beautiful Thames setting and medieval half-timbered buildings in quaint old cobblestone streets, it is also home to the impressive Windsor Castle, the most famous of Britain’s royal castles. This grand old castleRead More